Region Coreworlds
Sector Tem sector
System Temorel system
Suns 1: Temorel prime
Orbital position V
Moons 13
Galactic coordinates
XYZ Coordinates
Hyperpsace Routes Cevod way
Distance from core 985 LY
Rotation period 31 standard hours
Orbital period 589 standard days
Class Terrestrial
Diameter 13,546
Atmosphere type Type I
Climate Humid
Gravity Standard
  • Swamps
  • Plains
Primary terrain {{{terrain}}}
Surface water 78%
Points of interest *Tekab Propulsion Institute
  • Moyran Parliament Building
Native sentient species Moyra
Native flora
Native creatures
Immigrated sentients
Primary language(s) Moyran, Basic
Government Technocracy
Population 78,500,000,000
Demonym Moyran
Major cities
Major imports
Major exports

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